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Kaushiek Pranoo

I can see. I can respond. I can bow down.

Kaushiek Pranoo is the founder of Unlearning Ashram.

He is a full time facilitator and seeker juggling multi faceted roles. He has been a holistic life coach, youth mentor, strategy/process consultant, yoga teacher, facilitator trainer, content writer, speaker, artist and more.

Compelled by a deep longing to move towards a more meaningful and rewarding life, he quit his corporate career and gave up his training as an engineer in renewable energy and began seeking to explore and experiment wanting to know life first hand.

His journey led him to live with Tibetan Buddhist monks in the Himalayas, learn from indigenous communities in South India, work with changemaking youth leaders of sociopolitical grassroots movements and explore communities experimenting on conscious alternatives in different parts of the country.

Over the past 10 years, he has worked with with diverse groups of people; children, youth and adults from indigenous, rural, semi urban and urban backgrounds exploring themes like alternative education, leadership, economy, conflict and healing, interfaith harmony, community building and inner transformation. The valuable tools, insights and skills that he soaked in through this 'unlearning' journey, along with his heartfelt desire to facilitate similar possibilities for the transformation of others gave birth to Unlearning Ashram.

Today, he facilitates powerful experiential spaces and courses for people to deepen their own unlearning journeys through mindful presence and clarity building. As an unschooled facilitator, he is self-taught...or, rather 'life-taught' and his spirit of paying deep attention to life with reverence reflects in the nature of the experiences he designs.

Focusing beyond ready made solutions and solaces of convenience, his offerings are uncompromising in their integrity of inviting people to tap into their own lived experiences, reflections and insights as a way of lighting their own path through their inner wisdom. Over the years, he has facilitated over 1500 sessions both online and offline, impacting over 6000+ participants and has been nourished and empowered by the experience of the collective wisdom of unlearning together.

His larger vision reimagines a world where people are rooted in a deeper sense of inclusiveness, inner balance and clarity, feeling empowered to take charge of radically reshaping the quality of experience of their life and thereby the world. Because life becomes beautiful not because we do different things, but because we can learn to do things differently.

While Unlearning Ashram does not have a physical campus today, he dreams to move to a land someday and establish a dedicated space for seekers to visit and deepen their mindful presence and empower their unlearning journeys. When he hasn't happily lost track of time working on Unlearning Ashram, he loves dabbling in music, poetry, clay sculpting, photography, cooking, and martial arts. He enjoys his puns, good biriyani, storytelling and long slow bike rides or walks by the beach or surrounded by nature, lost in immersive conversations with loved ones or just singing his heart out.






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There is a sacred alchemy that nature knows of
that transforms the muddiest filth into fragrant flowers
In unlearning the many delusory sheaths of our untruth

we can transform tragedy into wisdom, pain into possibility.

If you are truly determined in becoming this possibility,
I can walk with you as we learn to remember our light
I am not one for quick fixes or comforting conclusions
I offer not answers but ways to transcend your questions.

I can see. I can respond. I can bow down.
This is the heart of all I know, I am and offer.

Kaushiek Pranoo

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