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One to One Coaching

Aliveness is a mindful presence based holistic life coaching. It invites one to deeply tune in and address what is emerging authentically in the present moment and embark on an Unlearning journey through daily practices that helps us be more grounded, seeing daily situations with clarity and respond with wisdom to all that which holds us back

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ReAlign is a uniquely designed coaching spanning 21 sessions allowing seekers to reimagine their life choices to resonate deeply with their authentic selves for deeper fulfillment. Based on the ikigai framework and the yogic approach to svadharma, ReAlign offers a powerful facilitated space for reflection and insight from one's own inner wisdom and lived experiences.

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Nurture is focused on process facilitation. It offers a creative and inclusive space for  individual and/or group of clients working on startups, small businesses, social initiatives, etc. to have a clear destination and a strong route map for their vision. It includes ideation, brainstorming, prototyping, accountability, feedback integration and more.

The Unlearners' Collective

The Unlearners' Collective is our relatively new initiative for seekers and people on the path of unlearning together from across the  world to come together as a community to listen and learn from each other's experiences and engage in collaborations, skill exchanges and explore pertinent questions about the self, our relationships and re-imagining a different world together.

Facilitated Offerings