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" Imagine you are taking a walk down the street and you are about to turn around a corner.
All of a sudden, you see several people in panic, running past you in a certain direction.
What would your first instinct be? "

For most people, the instinct would be to run with the crowd.
There is no time to process what they are running from or towards because our survival instinct takes prime precedence.

Sadly, when it comes to life, we tend to 'follow the crowd' too, joining a rat race, being in a mad rush towards everything - our education, career, money, fame, success, relationships, etc. Our systems make us run all the time as if our tails are on fire and our survival instinct is recast into a constant background panic for security of many kinds. In this world, competition, cunning, deception and anxiety become the norm and our constant panic for social security, financial security, job security is taught to be seen as a driving force for growth. There is little respite from the constant buzzing noise life, even at times we take a fall, we pick ourselves back up with a quick fix in a hurry and keep running; for running has become our way of life.

Running comes at a great price.

We become gradually more unavailable to spend quality time with our loved ones or to make new connections. We become 'busy' with running. Our body deteriorates, mind struggles with constant stress and anxiety worrying about security and our sensitivities are numbed. Everything needs to be loud, explicit and gross to make an impression. We grow ever distant from our roots, our gifts, our wisdom, our true dreams, our autonomy - even from our very humanity at times. But we are still willing to run. Because everyone else is doing it.  And it is scary to think of slowing down or stopping to examine why we are running and what really we are running towards. Running brings solace. Because deep down, we are truly afraid  - of becoming lonely, of change, of uncertainty, of death. And running has taught us to dodge this confrontation until the very end. We settle by holding on to familiarity and comfort which stagnates our authentic growth and transformation in exchange for a false sense of control against the inevitable impermanence of life. No wonder life often feels like such a burden.

But life isn't really such a sinister phenomenon. If we are willing to unlearn our way of fundamentally looking at and approaching life only through the lens of survival, we can truly embrace the full magic of what life truly is. However, such an unlearning requires us to do something that we have invested very little in - slowing down; and being fully present to life.


Slowing down brings ease. Ease empowers presence. Presence builds perception.
Perception births clarity. Clarity inspires action and Action determines harmony.

Without knowing harmony within, we cannot know or create harmony around us.
As above, so below. As within, so without.

This is the spirit that Unlearning Ashram embodies.

Unlearning Ashram

Facilitated offerings for Mindful Presence and Authentic Unlearning

Unlearning Pedagogy


What we do

Unlearning Ashram's offerings are an outcome of Kaushiek Pranoo's intensive self-led unlearning journey over the years. He summarizes the essence of the spirit of his ongoing journey as  "I can see. I can respond. I can bow down." which forms the backbone of our offerings.

Unlearning Ashram


Clarity of Perception, enhanced sensitivity and awareness of biases. Experientially recognizing the true interconnected of life, just the way it is.



Transcending beyond compulsive reaction to conscious response. Competence to creatively apply wisdom to grow through whatever we go through.


Bow Down

"The gardener may water a hundred pots,but the flowers shall bloom only when the season comes."
Embracing Acceptance, Gratitude and Sacredness

Mindful Presence

Unlearning Ashram offers experiential spaces, courses and events for individual transformation through mindful presence, facilitation and unlearning. Facilitated by Kaushiek Pranoo, Unlearning Ashram is an outcome of the experiences of his own unlearning journey and the many insights, tools and possibilities that have transformed his experience of life along the way. A significant amount of our programmes are offered online so that people from around the world can access the possibility of experiential unlearning from the comfort of their home. We also offer in person workshops from time to time as we travel to various cities across the country.
Presently, Unlearning Ashram has no physical campus. Someday, we hope to move to a piece of land and have a more dedicated physical space for those who wish to intensely focus on their inner transformation. The absence of a physical campus however, does not deter us from offering quality experiences and authentic journeys for unlearning since we believe that,


"If how we live from moment to moment becomes the way of Unlearning, wherever we live becomes the ashram"

 From one day workshops to long term courses, our offerings have touched hundreds of seekers from over a dozen different countries in the past few years. We also design and facilitate custom designed courses and sessions of request. Our events are open to all those who are willing to truly move past the convenient limitations of the known and embrace the ever changing rhythms of life. 

We also offer custom design facilitated programmes, retreats, talks & events for groups of individuals based on their needs around the themes of mindful presence, clarity and capacity building both online and in person. Please enquire to find out more details.

I experience Kaushiek as a joyful and creative spirit. A deep listener and faithful follower of life, nature and soul. A practical, pragmatic and hands-on teacher.

A curious observer with an intuitive heart, A playful human, self taught musician and explorer on the journey of unlearning and shedding obsolete structures.

I believe Kaushiek’s essence is like one of the elders...walking the path openhearted, showing up,  sharing himself and the sacredness and magic of this world.

Monica Carreno Villegas, Mexico ||  Facilitator, Fellow Traveler

Meet The Team

Shruti Tharayil Social Media Consultant

Shruti Tharayil

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Social Media Consultant

Kaushiek Pranoo Founder, Facilitator

Kaushiek Pranoo

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Founder, Facilitator



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Programme Intern

Past Team Members


Programme Co-Lead, Kerala


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