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Truth is it's own authority

Unlearning is an invitation for us to slow down and closely re-examine every aspect of our life so that we may recognize, re-imagine and re-design our lives into a more meaningful, conscious and joyful experience

that can transform not just ourselves, but also our relationships and how we help reshape the world.

Unlearning ashram offers facilitated spaces that empower human transformation

towards co-creating a more inclusive, balanced and conscious world.

approaches modalities and themes covered by unlearning ashram


Aliveness Coaching Title and logo

Be the magic that transforms your life!

(One to One - Online)

"Without learning to drop the weights we have allowed ourselves to carry and become, how can we truly spread our wings and soar through the skies of life ?"

Aliveness is a delicately held one to one safe space which invites you to bring about significant shifts to the quality of how you experience and grow through life and the challenges it brings your way.

Through conversations, questions, processes and carefully prescribed practices, it enables you to work on healing through your past, bring greater clarity about how you can shape your future while embracing the present moment in your body, breath and being as a whole.

Explore the world of Aliveness here

Listen Breathe See Poster

Listen, Breathe & See

Level 1
(Extensive course)

"From the moment we are conceived in the womb, life opens us up to listen, breathe & see as our first three windows of knowing the world around us. If we are willing to master these three, we can also tremendously transform the world within"

Listen, Breathe & See is a meticulously crafted experiential journey that invites you to bring significant awareness to your own body, breath and being along with how mindfully you engage with every moment of your life.

Through facilitated processes, discussions and self-led experiments, this lays a strong foundation for you to experientially build awareness around

# Body Wisdom

# Breathwork

# Emotional sensitivity

# Daily Mindfulness
# Sense of Aliveness

Read the full course document here

Check out participant testimonies here


Breathe yogic breathing course logo

Transform your breath. Transform your life

11 day practice challenge

"Breath is a doorway to access dimensions of our existence that most people cannot imagine possible. The physical and psychological benefits of breathwork are just minor bonuses."


For thousands of years, breathwork has been an invaluable system of knowledge across time and cultures that has allowed people to heighten awareness, focus and access higher dimension of existence.

Breathe invites you to embark on an 11 day experiential journey, exploring the world of breath through ancient yogic breathing practices. Learn a carefully curated set of practices with proper instructions and guidance that can transform your physical , mental and spiritual well being

Read full details here

Authentic Self Care Poster

Authentic Self Care

Level 2

"Self Care is not about crisis management. Nor is it about indulging or pampering yourself or picking up a few 'good habits' that will solve all your problems. If approached with the right intention, integrity and intensity, Self Care can be a truly revolutionary act
of transforming yourself and the world."

Authentic Self Care is a systematic deep dive into understanding the complex intricacies of decolonizing, discovering and designing your own self care process. Building on top of the awareness work that Listen, Breathe & See course lays down, this journey offers unique insights into exploring, applying  and integrating various modalities into daily life that include,

# Psychological Frameworks

# Pancha Bhutas (5 Natural Elements)

# 5 Senses (Tanmatras)

# Unlearning Altars & Rituals

#Boundaries & Acceptance

Read the full course document here

Note : LBS course is a prerequisite for this course


Facilitators' Unlearning Lab

A live, experiential, hands-on unlearning space for aspiring and established facilitators

Facilitators' Unlearning Lab Image

"Facilitation can be a space of zen. If you are willing to give yourself totally into the art of facilitation, you will see that how you are within reflects in the quality of the space you hold.


As you become more and more self aware and sensitive, you can be a facilitator in how you think, how you hold conversations and relationships, in how you impact the world. That is why I see that Facilitation is a way of life. "

The Facilitators' Unlearning Lab has been a dream project since 2019.  The Lab intends to act as a hands-on (un)learning space where aspiring, budding and established facilitators, educators and leaders can come together and co-create a powerful community space of exchanging tools, insights and reflections. The space created is organic and semi-structured and offers an excellent opportunity for facilitators to strengthen their basic skills as well as experience and understand the nuances of facilitation by engaging proactively and through keen observation and reflection.  The world needs more facilitators. Our vision is to empower hundreds and thousands of everyday facilitators who are highly sensitive, aware, skilled and inclusive who can create powerful spaces for people to come together and explore the themes of interest.

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