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Transform Your Breath. Transform Your Life.

An 11 day practice challenge to transform your physical, mental & spiritual well being.

Why Breathwork?

For thousands of years, ancient sciences of well being, including Yoga have well understood the importance of breath in bringing physical, mental and spiritual well being.  The World Health Organization recognizes respiratory related health issues to be the second most prevalent heath issue for humanity that is estimated to affect more than half the world's population directly or indirectly.

Yoga sees the breath as the ultimate vehicle for connecting with 'prana' which is the consciousness that pervades everything including our life force.By taking charge of our breath, we can significantly enhance our overall health, balance and clarity of perception.

"What I liked about this course was the way the precautions for each practice was emphasized gently but firmly. It helped me see how truly potent these practices were."

Masuma Somji, Tanzania

"Initially I struggled to focus on my breath as I have a tendency to overthink. But as I went deeper into the practice, I was surprised to see how my mind began to slow down and I was able to focus much better."

Archithaa Menon, Malaysia

"Post Covid was really difficult for me. During the programme, I started unlearning my
improper & dysfunctional breathing patterns. These practices have become my routine now."

Asif Ali, Kozhikode, India

What the Course Offers

Explore the phenomenal role of breath in the human physiology and how the yogic pranic system impacts various aspects of our being.

Identify and unlearn improper breathing habits.
Effectively correct dysfunctional breathing patterns.


Explore the body-breath connection through some helpful exercises that prepares your body adequately for effective breathwork.

Learn the ancient and powerful method of using the breath awareness as a vehicle towards a state of meditativeness and heightened awareness

Additionally, we offer an effective combination of 3 powerful ancient
yogic breathing techniques that address holistic well being on multiple levels.

Practice for Deep Cleanse

A powerful detoxification practice to deep cleanse and strengthen the respiratory system and offers several other benefits

Practice for Mental Balance

An ancient practice that activates the parasympathetic nervous system and brings enormous benefits to strengthen our mental health and improves attention

Practice for Sleep & Peace

A simple and potent practice that transforms your sense of tranquility and quality of sleep, relieves stress,so you are at your wakeful best


Q. Isn't Yogic breathwork a religious practice?

Yogic breathwork is a sophisticated body of knowledge based on a deep understanding of how the human system is fundamentally designed.

For thousands of years, it has worked for people, irrespective of what faith they believe in.

While some practitioners may choose to approach and offer breathwork religiously, breathwork as a science of well being, as it is presented in this course belongs to all of humanity.

Q. I'm not a morning person. How will I ever get up and be present for all the sessions?

Please do not limit your capabilities to a label like that! If you learn how to access your inner biological clock, you might be pleasantly surprised!


Some of the practices we will do during the course will help you regulate your sleep and feel active and fresh in the mornings, even if you are not a 'morning person'. However, setting a strong intention and commitment will also go a long way in supporting you.

Q. I'm not too fluent in English. Will I understand what is being taught?

A basic understanding of English language is enough to do our courses. Practice instructions are kept simple as it is our priority to ensure that nobody is left behind as we journey together.

The theoretical content we share is to inspire you into your practices through better understanding. But breathwork itself has nothing to do with your understanding. If you practice it with dedication, things will fall into place.

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