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At Unlearning Ashram, IKIGAI is seen as an invitation to ask,

"What makes life valuable or worthwhile?"

Exploring IKIGAI is not about problem solving life and figuring out a perfect answer that will take away all our problems in life.

Rather, it is a constantly evolving, 'live' journey of discovering a deep sense of knowing your self through clarity; for the gifts that you bring and you are to the world and in empowering ourselves to truly be present in embracing the gift that life is, in every moment.

Facilitated by Kaushiek Pranoo, this unique opportunity is open to anyone who is truly willing, no matter what stage of life you are in, to slow down, transcend your limiting beliefs, bring deeper clarity and re-imagine your life as an expression and celebration of your inner fulfillment rather than as an endless pursuit of happiness.

Curious? Read more below..

Living in today's world has it's perks - we enjoy physical comfort and connectivity unlike no other generation in history but at the same time, the pace and chaos of our lives have risen exponentially! Each day we consume more information and juggle more things on average than many of our ancestors may have in weeks!

Our window of attention has dropped drastically and slowing down to focus on the subtler and deeper aspects of life has become a privilege for many.


When we truly learn to slow down into a mindful, reflective space within us, we can learn to let our mind settle, become more present and look at our life’s journey with clarity, allowing us to make better decisions that can change the course of our life towards even more joy, ease and fulfillment!


It is this space of inner wisdom that we hope to explore with the Ikigai workshop.

Re-Imgaining Conventional approaches

Instead of asking, "What do I love?"
What if we asked,
"How can I tell if I'm truly loving something"

Instead of asking, "What does the world need?"
What if we asked,
"What is the best role I can play in transforming the world

in the direction I re-imagine it to be? and what is holding me back?"

Instead of asking, "What is my dream job based on my IKIGAI?"
What if we asked,
"No matter what life situations come my way,

how can I remain connected to that which matters most to me "

“Understanding a tool or concept is just the first step. What really makes an impact is learning to apply it in the best way to what is most real and relevant for our life.”

The IKIGAI one to one coaching journey is not offered as an intellectual process of understanding. Instead, it is offered as an embodied process that encourages you to connect with your body, your lived experiences, your wisdom through struggles and triumphs and your dreams for everything that you cherish deeply. During this journey, we hope to be able to identify and untangle you from any hidden stories and beliefs that hold you back from living the life that will allow you to blossom to your fullest and add your unique fragrance into the world of possibilities.


During this journey, we explore,

  • Smart Frameworks that are simple, practical and potent in delving deeper into the fundamental aspects of life that are key elements of exploring Ikigai


  • Facilitated processes that are carefully designed tools to offer an immersive experience of discovering insights from your own life journey.


  • A safe space that holds us delicately as we draw from our rich life experience and discuss it freely.


  • Key Questions designed to help unlearn and re-imagine fresh perspectives in our approach to life


  • Follow up Assignments that extend the seeking process well beyond the online sessions and into a lived daily experience of observation and reflection.

Session Format

​Typically, IKIGAI sessions are one hour long scheduled once a week online on a day and time of our mutual convenience. A minimum of 12 sessions are required for the IKIGAI coaching journey. Towards the end of the 12 weeks, extension into further sessions will be discussed based on what emerges during the journey. The conversation space is kept friendly, semi-formal, staying focused to  context of your personal experiences.


" I had my fair share of doubts if I would learn anything new apart from what I already have in the book 'IKIGAI', but I was pleasantly surprised. The space was a gateway to go deeper into my life and I discovered many insights about Ikigai, my life and my goals. The facilitation brought out ideas and strengths often overlooked. Thank you Kaushiek "

R K, Hyderabad

Visit our testimonials page for more first hand experiences here.

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 Prices are different for Indian and International participants.

Please reach out to us to find out payment details applicable to you
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Terms & Guideliness

We have designed this short document that outlines guidelines and agreements that help us ease through the logistics and help you make the best of the sessions.

You can access the Terms & Guidelines document here.

(You'll need to request access permission to view the file)

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