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Unlearning 101

A 21 day introductory journey into Unlearning
Are you curious about Unlearning?
Unlearning is about slowing down. It is about recognizing and letting go of the debilitating stories that limit us such as our fears, judgments and biases that shape the very way we experience our life and the world around us. It is a way to re-sensitize our humanity and unleash our full potential to come alive to life in every moment.
Unlearning 101 is a 21 day online course to introduce simple ways to let Unlearning can become a practical, experiential daily reality of your life!
Key Features
Group Calls
Daily observations & experiments on Unlearning
Daily reflective journaling
Support and check in on whatsapp group.
A 1 hr group call once every 3 days.
Discover unlearning from the context of your own life experience
Build on your daily journaling practice
Journey with a community
of  fellow Unlearners
Expand your perspectives about your self, others & the world
Experience reflective inquiry & unlearning pedagogy
Build foundations for embodied mindful presence
This one of its kind unlearning journey is open to everyone over the age of 14 from anywhere in the world allowing people to embark on this journey from the comfort of their home.

The upcoming edition of this programme is schedule to start on the 28th of this July.
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