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Be the magic that transforms your life

Mindful Presence based holistic coaching


What makes Aliveness Unique?

Traditional Therapy

  • Helps to work through past patterns to handle the present.

  • Focuses on healing, changing thought and behavior patterns.

  • Can address mental healthcare and offer diagnosis.

  • Dependent on the expertise & hand-holding of the therapist

Conventional Life Coaching

  • Helps work on your future by starting from the present.

  • Focuses on limiting beliefs, action oriented goal setting.

  • Can chart out effective steps towards achieving results.

  • Dependent on approach & follow up from the coach.


"I will not rescue you,

for you are not powerless.

I will not fix you,

for your are not broken.

I will not heal you,

For I see you in your wholeness.

I will walk with you through the darkness

As you remember your light."

- A medicine woman's prayer

The focus of Aliveness is about being more present to the present.

For thousands of years, the eastern esoteric traditions that have embraced the interconnectedness of life, have offered innumerable ways of finding ease, balance and joy through life's toughest times by bringing harmony within and without.By learning to slow down and tap into the wisdom of our body, breath, emotions and spirit, our present moment is freed from the burdens of the past and the future and can find acceptance with what is real right here, right now.

Aliveness is a more holistic, decolonized approach of life, recognizing that our physical, mental and spiritual well being are all interconnected. While healing our past trauma's and working on shaping our future can certainly happen as a consequence of the process, the main focus remains on unburdening ourselves from the stories we tell ourselves and become more present, more aware, more alive to life in every moment.

 Note : Aliveness is NOT a replacement for conventional therapy

Aliveness - An Introduction

Aliveness IntroKaushiek Pranoo
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Key Features

Safe Space

Share vulnerably in a trustful, confidential and safe one to one listening space.

Custom Designed

Receive powerful practices rooted in psychology, yoga & other eastern esoteric wisdom that are custom tailored to your needs.


Highly humanistic approach at every step along the way.
We believe in taking up less at a time & doing it really well.


Body Wisdom

Emotional Awareness

Visioning & Goal Setting

Sensory Grounding Techniques

Yogic Breathework

Oriental Pond_edited.png


Daily Mindfulness

Psychological Framework

Creative Expression (Art & Movement )

Conflict Transformation

and whatever else emerges as a need in our explorations.

Session Format

​Typically, Aliveness sessions are one hour long and are scheduled once a week online on a day and time of our mutual convenience. The conversation space is friendly, semi-formal, and stays relevant to the context of your personal experiences. Aliveness is a highly humanistic work with a pluralistic approach - what aspects of your life we touch upon, how deep and slow we go and how much impact we create together will all be in YOUR hands!


" Through Aliveness, we are exploring simple, practical and impactful options that have really grounded me in myself. I am surprised how these sessions have brought down my anger, frustration levels in just a few weeks. These sessions with Kaushiek have been a real blessing in my life and I would highly recommend this journey for anyone who is looking to connect deeply and genuinely with themselves. Thank you Kaushiek "

G J, Nebraska, US

Visit our testimonials page for more first hand experiences here.

(Here are the Next Steps)

Enquire Pricing

Go through the
Guidelines Document

Call Schedule

Complete Payment

Get Started on your Aliveness Journey!


 Prices are different for Indian and International participants.

Please reach out to us to find out payment details applicable to you
(Please mention 'Aliveness' in the subject line

and mention your name in the email)

Terms & Guideliness

We have designed this short document that outlines guidelines and agreements that help us ease through the logistics and help you make the best of the sessions.

You can access the Terms & Guidelines document here.

(You'll need to request access permission to view the file)


Q. How can I sample this work to see if it suits me  ?

We absolutely hear and appreciate your need! By design, by the end of the first four sessions of Aliveness, we take time to see our mutual sense of rapport and your sense of compatibility with the nature of work we offer. This is a good point to assess if you're wanting to take the work deeper and further. Due to the subtle nature of the work we offer, through our past experiences , we feel it takes at least 4 sessions to get a basic glimpse of what we offer through Aliveness.

Q. How soon will I see results  ?

Aliveness work is an organic process. It focuses on working with you at your own pace and addressing what could be delicate aspects of your life. If approached without proper care and space holding, it could sometimes do more harm than good. So the focus is more on working steadily than working quickly. We prefer to take less and do it well. Most often, quick fixes never last, in fact, it may create a false sense of hope and ease that may come crashing down as things continue to get worse deeper within. Once you have committed to making your growth and transformation a priority, things will inevitably start changing on multiple levels. But whether everyone can notice it is an entirely different matter. It is interesting to see how the question is worded so appropriately, "when will 'I see '.. results?" That 'seeing' part is the key aspect we wish to focus on. How can we together, enhance your ability to see? to perceive? to sense the subtlest of changes happening within you? Instead of limiting yourself to looking for results you already have ideas about, if you truly allow yourself to embrace this journey, you may discover that changes may happen in ways that you never imagined before. Our work is to set a strong intention and begin preparing ourselves to become more open, sensitive and aware to every moment. When the soil is well prepared, the seed cannot help but blossom to it's fullest when the time is right.

Q. I don't think there is anything wrong with me or my life. Should I still consider Aliveness?

Aliveness is about celebrations, dreams and the joy of self discovery as much as it is about working through limiting beliefs and triggers. We must unlearn this idea of our life being right or wrong. Every experience has something important to teach us and help us grow, if only we are willing to pay attention. Aliveness is not a place for fixing or problem solving anyone's life. However, please see that life is constantly changing. Today, things may have fallen into place and all may seem well, but no one really knows what awaits us just around the corner. The COVID pandemic was an obvious wake up call for many of us, but unexpected twists are also always happening in small and big ways in every individual's life. Learning to handle life gracefully when things don't fall into place is a good measure of seeing how well you've learned to live life. Aliveness is an invitation for anyone who wishes to slow down and empower themselves to hold life with grace in such a way that even during turbulent times, you are able to experience life more gracefully. When we were little, aliveness was the default setting. Unless something disturbs us, we are capable of being self entertained, rooted in wonder and joy - fully alive. But how many days have we spent with that level of aliveness as adults? For most people, it takes a lot of effort to find a short window of ease and balance through the day. Others struggle to make it through one 24 hour period without feeling angry, upset, irritable, sad or low in some way. There is no limit to how much more alive you can feel. Aliveness is for everyone who is willing to rediscover their inner spark of coming alive to life in every moment.

Q. I have a diagnosed mental health condition. Can Aliveness treat me ?

Please understand that Aliveness is not a replacement for conventional therapy. However, it can always be helpful to supplement therapy work with Aliveness to find a process of healing your mind, body and spirit as a whole. Please reach out to us via to have a discussion with us to check if this is a viable option for you.

Do you have other questions about Aliveness that you need addressed?
Do write to us at
Please mention 'Aliveness' in the subject line.

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