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The Endless Dance of Joy

Tumbling down the ethereal flow of endless time and space,

I know not what I am or what carries me through this mindless race..

Untiring are these ebbs and flows, preoccupying my delusional mind..

the ignorance of my existence, lost in identities all but true I find..

A dazzling display of dreamy drama wherever I glance..

A shallow longing to get entangled in every little chance..

I find endless sorrow engulf my senses as I dive deeper within..

To my dismay, here in further abyss, I see my ignorance has already been.

I care not now, how much farther, how much longer this journey takes..

I seek to find and sever the roots of misery this bondage makes

For in the dissolution of life's seemingly seductive shackles of sorrow..

The endless dance of joy is all there can remain to savor, in every tomorrow

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