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The Mind Unleashed

Open and shut go my doors often, my feeble flame flickers and falters within.

There is much I am yet to unlearn, 'un'tame,

that I wonder if I can ever truly unleash this mind.

Unleash a mind bound by the shackles of what it gathers,

Memories that dull and decay perception down to mere perspective.

The mindlessness of this mind that is bound is a painful burden to carry

ever since the flame within has lit up the shadows of my blissful ignorance

From blissful ignorance to painful ignorance my journey has revealed much.

I have set sail from these lands of foolishness towards the terrain of intelligence

Where there is one piece of knowledge that is crucial, that makes all the difference.

Here, unlike the land of fools, the intelligent happen to know how foolish they truly are.

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